About UsWho are we ?

Kolambi , the Malayalam word means one which is amplifying or resounding spoken words. Hence the Malayalam YouTube channel Kolambi is envisaged to make louder human spirit of atheism, freethinking, feminism and science for the reformation of the society.

Article 51 A (h) of Indian constitution declare clearly to uphold humanism saying that “It shall be the duty of every citizen of India to develop the scientific temper, humanism and the spirit of inquiry and reform”. The basic attitude of Kolambi channel and its construction is also to promote and inspire free thought, science, feminism, secularism and gender justice. It is the primary content to eliminate superstition, injustice and civil practice so as to create a civilized society and culture.

Religion is anti-human, divisive and ethnic. Syndicated religion has became a crime and now evolved as insurgency. The social cohesion and integrity of the century are being threatened by religious fundamentalism. Eventually the democratic fabric of India is tattered by religious fundamentalism.

History teaches that humanism and science are the only way for social integrity and existence. Rational thought, scientific temper and learning spirit can only achieve actual culture for a civil society. Hence Kolambi resounds the resonances of such human spirit which is the hope and need of a prosperous society. We firmly hope that in the future our society will be better, more modern, and should have a transformation which upholds human values and humanity with a scientific mindset based on evidence.

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